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Breeding goal

The Red Cattle is a double-used cattle with the emphatic on milk. The current breeding aim is 9.500 kg-milk with 4,5 % fat and 3,8 % protein. Mature cows should reach about 145 cm height at the rump and a live weight of 650 kg.

The Red Cattle/Angler is drawn from nature red-brown, but could be although because of crossbreed with other genes red-white.

The Red Cattle distinguish itself by a very economic relationship between total feed input and milk yield, easy calvings, low calf losses, excellent feet and legs and good claws, a high content of milk solids and adaptability to all climatic zones.

The young cows grow fast and calve without problems at the age of 24 month. The young bulls have good daily weight gains and acquire a weight of 400 kg at the age of one year.

»The milk of Red Cattle is especially suited for cheese production. This is at the one side because of the average protein content of 3,6 % and at the other side because of high amount of the advantageous kappa-casein-B-gene which are the most sires are carrier of and which provides good adjectives for cheese.