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The German Red Cattle/ Angler succeeded time and again in increasing production figures in the last years. This also happens in 2010. [more]

24.12.10 - 07:46 Uhr

In July 2008 John and Monica Williams from Bosgowan farm in Meningie, Australia, visited North Germany and revived old friendships with the Angler breeders. [more]

03.09.08 - 06:38 Uhr

In April, Steve Snowdon, president of the Aussie Reds, and his wife Eileen travelled to Europe and took the chance to get first hand information about the German Red/ Angler cows in their working cloth’ .[more]

17.04.08 - 07:58 Uhr

The readers of the HI magazine and the DBI juror Doug Savage elected the Angler bull dam CANADA EX 90 for the champion of the Red Breeds of the world[more]

14.11.07 - 10:35 Uhr

ERDB Classifier

On November 1st and 2nd the ERDB classifier’s workshop took place in the north of Germany. It was the first time after ten long years that classifiers from the different countries surrounding the Baltic Sea had the chance to...[more]

08.11.07 - 16:49 Uhr

The August release of the Red German Angler breeding values has continued the positive news for the German Reds. The already well known proven sires have confirmed their breeding values based on higher numbers of daughters and...[more]

27.09.07 - 16:09 Uhr

Following Prof. Les Hansen´s visit in the Angler area the breeding committee decided in 2006 that the percentage of Holstein genes in the German/Angler population shall be reduced. Progeny test bulls in 2007 must not have more...[more]

25.09.07 - 15:57 Uhr

Since the beginning of 2007 the calculation of conformation index and the TMI has been changed. With this the German Red Breeders strengthen functionality and longevity as well as productivity of their breeding products....[more]

25.09.07 - 15:54 Uhr

From July 14th to 19th we had the honour to host a group of red dairy farmers and friends of the red breeds coming from New Zealand, South Africa and the USA in northern Germany. The five days program started with a show event in...[more]

25.09.07 - 08:01 Uhr

The members of the ERDB (European red dairy breeds) hold their annual meeting in Hamar Norway. Like every year the meeting was organized as a two days event. After the conference on the first day, where all the members report...[more]

23.01.07 - 15:53 Uhr

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